‘Against All Gods,’ by Maz Evans, illustrations by Aleksei Bitskoff.

It’s here. The final instalment in the brilliant ‘Who Let The Gods Out?’ series by writing wizard and all round fabulous person, Maz Evans.


This book dives straight into a monumental battle between good and evil and Elliot is forced to collect the final Chaos Stone from the burning River Phlegethon by crazed Daemon of Sleep, Hypnos. He really was caught between a stone and a hard place: lose any chance of  ever seeing his mum again, or handover the stones to Hypnos or watch chaos be unleashed on the world….

In the meantime, the Gods are getting ready to fight back. Zeus is limbering up, General Achilles is on hand to hold some seriously sweaty boot camps and Persephone is warming up her vocal chords. But Virgo, Gorgy and all Elementals are imprisoned in Tartarus with no hope of escape and little chance of rescue.

Meanwhile, Patricia Porshley-Plum is about to see her evil plan to spruce up Home Farm and re-sell it for megabucks come into fruition. Can Elliot save the world and save his home?

Wow! What a rollercoaster of a ride the ‘Who Let The Gods Out?’ series has been! The final instalment is exactly the fantastically clever combination of hilariously funny and heart-breakingly sad we have come to expect from the master of manipulation, Maz Evans. Very few authors have the skills to make you laugh out loud then sob despairingly in the space of a sentence but Maz manages it every time!

This story will take you through a whole gamut of emotions: tension, fear, hilarity, devastation, some more hilarity, but with such a lightness of touch that you will hopefully arrive wrung-out but uplifted at the end. The careful handling of fragile family dynamics and the uproariously funny antics of the gods are carefully balanced for the perfect reading experience.

If you haven’t already started the series, lucky you – now is the time to binge read the whole series. Just make sure you have a box of tissues to hand.

I can’t wait to see what Maz has up her sleeves next, but it’s sure to be amazing! (no pressure)

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Chicken House Books for sending me this title to review*




One thought on “‘Against All Gods,’ by Maz Evans, illustrations by Aleksei Bitskoff.

  1. erinthecatprincess says:

    Seems like I have a LOT of fabulous reading to do if this review is on the money–which I don’t doubt. So many good Middle grade books out there at the moment it is very hard to keep up or find space in my bookshelf, which I think says a lot about the market, despite agents saying it is reducing/has reduced for this age group.


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