Books about books!

With World Book Day fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the new books about books I’ve received recently in case you’re looking for inspiration!

C12ABBB3-72C3-49CD-BC8A-6401884B6B3E‘The World Book Day Monster’ by Adam & Charlotte Guillain, illustrated by Ada Grey (Egmont)

I think we can all sympathise with Anna, who just can’t decide what to dress up as for World Book Day at school. The Big Bad Wolf costume, Rapunzel wig or dragon suit don’t quite cut it. What is she going to do?!

Resourceful Dad suggests an emergency visit to the cave of wonders which is the bookshop. With a little expert guidance from the bookseller, Anna soon has precisely the book she needs to inspire an awesome costume. But will Dad be able to make it in time? And will anyone at school know who she is?

A joyous celebration of bookshops, booksellers and, of course, World Book Day. It beautifully illustrates the joy of finding the perfect book and sharing it with your friends.

Told with touches of humour and glorious  energetic illustrations, this story is a real celebration of the wonder of books!

A75AE92D-A024-4B36-9A2E-13426C85F82EShhh! I’m Reading!’ By John Kelly, illustrated by Elina Ellis (Little Tiger Press)

It may be a miserable day outside but Bella is oblivious because she is reading the BEST BOOK EVER! She’s just reached the best bit when she’s interrupted by pirates, then performing penguins and wobbling aliens. Why can’t they understand that she just wants to read?

Finally, just before teatime, Bella is finished. But where have all her playmates gone?

This story humourously captures the pure joy of getting lost in a truly excellent book. They really do have the power to transport readers to faraway worlds and capture the imagination.  Great fun!

8266BF87-B7ED-429A-991A-E94000F73033Terry and the Brilliant Book’ by Nicola Kent (Macmillan Children’s Books) 

Friends, Terry and Sue love nothing more than playing ball together – bouncing, hitting, throwing and kicking all day long. Which it’s why it’s such a surprise when Sue gives Terry a book for his birthday! But what’s he supposed to do with it? He can’t kick it!

As Terry starts reading, he slowly but surely becomes totally engrossed and can always be found with his nose in the book – much to Sue’s annoyance. What’s so great about the book that Terry doesn’t want to play with her anymore? When he finishes and lends it to her, she soon finds out!

I loved the message of this book – that reading is amazing, books are brilliant, and are something everyone can enjoy, whilst still enjoying a good kickaround. Book-lovers will know all too well the feeling of becoming completely absorbed in what you’re reading and being oblivious to the world around you.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Egmont, Little Tiger Press and Macmillan Children’s Books for sending me these titles to review*



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