‘The Dinosaur Department Store,’ by Lily Murray, illustrated by Richard Merritt.

Do you love shopping? Do you love dinosaurs? Then head for The Dinosaur Department Store and its stonking blog tour!


It’s Eliza Jane’s fourth birthday and she knows exactly what she wants. Not a colouring book, bike or a fluffy bunny. What she really wants is a pet dinosaur! Her beleaguered parents obligingly take her to the only place to purchase a prehistoric pet – The Dinosaur Department Store, run by the flamboyant Mr Magisaurus.

Inside the store, Eliza Jane saw guitar-playing theropods, a spinosaurus after a hotdog and a pair of loved-up ankylosaurs. There really was something for everyone, but what would she pick? Or did the wilful and wild Eliza Jane have another plan up her sleeve..?


This book was a roaring success at bedtime. Book Boy Jr. immediately set about trying to decide which beast he would most like as a pet, whilst Book Boy laughed at the humorous details snuck into the illustrations (the family dog relieving himself was a particular favourite!)

I loved the wicked rhyming text about the wilful Eliza May. I think we can probably all name a young child who is at least nearly as self-assured/ sneaky as she is! I was also struck by the zingy colour palette and humour of Richard Merritt’s illustrations.  They’re the kind of pictures which will reveal new details to you in subsequent readings –  very important if it’s going to be on bedtime repeat.

It was also refreshing to see a book where the protagonist was mixed race and this was of no consequence to the story. It’s so important for readers to see themselves, their interests and their families reflected in the books they read. I also think this story would be perfect for encouraging an interest in science and palaeontology, with its helpful pronunciation guide at the back.

Happy dinosaur shopping – which one will you choose?

Library Girl

*Thank you to Buster Books for sending me a copy of this title to review and inviting me to be part of its blog tour. Make sure you take a peek at some of the other stops too.*




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