‘Stay Strong!’ and ‘Be Brave!’ by Dr. Sharie Coombes, illustrated by Katie Abey.

There has been a huge upsurge in the number of children being referred to mental health services across the U.K. causing an increasing number of schools to take matters into their own hands and teach their pupils about mindfulness and emotional regulation.

The titles featured in this post encourage children to process their emotions and learn techniques to make them manageable.


‘Stay Strong!’ is all about building resilience and working through emotions linked to bullying.  There are lots of simple doodling, colouring and drawing activities to tackle negative feelings and devise strategies to cope with them.


‘Be Brave!’ is packed with tasks to help children overcome their fears and phobias by working out why they are scared and putting fear back in its place. Katie Abey’s quirky cartoon-style illustrations will quickly engage and entertain young readers.


‘Be Kind!’ helps children aged 7+ to discover their place in the world and discover the power of acceptance and tolerance. They will also learn how the simple act of being kind to themselves and others can spread joy.


Each of these titles has been carefully written by Dr. Sharie Coombes who is a former primary teacher and advisor, who retrained as a child and family psychotherapist. Her books draw together tried and tested techniques designed to help children process the barrage of emotions they may be feeling and help them self-regulate. All of her titles would be very useful to have in school to dip into or to work through at home one-to-one.

To see my review of other titles in the series, click HERE.

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*Thank you to Studio Press for sending me these titles to review*







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