Father’s Day Reads

Research has proven the many benefits of snuggling up with a little one and sharing a story, so what better way to celebrate father’s day than with a brand new story book featuring the man himself? Here are three picture books we’ve read recently and a little homage to my own father.


CAFF5580-0A66-4E26-9759-63C9141655F9‘What’s Next?’ By Timothy Knapman, illustrated by Jane McGuinness (Walker Books) 

In this story we meet Baby Badger and his dad. Baby Badger is keen to go exploring the world outside his snug, dark den. He takes delight in the wonders of the nocturnal world but when it’s time to head back into their burrow, Baby Badger isn’t quite ready to stop exploring. The daytime world proves even more beautiful than the nighttime one but when baby starts yawning he realises it’s time to go home but he doesn’t know how to get there. Luckily dad is there to guide him.

A beautifully illustrated story about exploration and feeling safe.

8E9407B0-3BA0-4A97-8A28-966ABEC1907BRaj and the Best Holiday Ever!’ by Seb Braun (Templar Publishing)

In this sequel to ‘Raj and the Best Day Ever,’ Raj and his dad are preparing for a camping trip. Raj is very excited as he’s read lots of books about camping and knows exactly what they’ll need to take.

However, by the time they arrive it’s dark and dad has a few difficulties pitching the tent. Unfortunately, the dark is the least of their problems.  They also have to contend with bad weather, a family of very noisy bears and the complexities of going to the toilet at nighttime on a campsite!

Full of fun and painfully true to real life!

17FF56D9-AF1D-42EC-974E-A4168FC3D5EDParty for Dads’ by Adam and Charlotte Guillain, illustrated by Ada Grey (Egmont)

Anna has organised a birthday party for her dad and all the other dads are invited too.  There’s lots to do: baking cakes, writing invitations and organising games.

It all seems to be going well until it comes to playing the party games. The dads just can’t play fairly or sensibly. Perhaps a quiet game of sleeping lions might help? Nope? A dance-off? Nope? Maybe they’ll behave themselves at teatime? Nope! Will Anna ever get the dads to behave themselves? What do you think?!

Bouncy, rhyming text with dads behaving badly!

This last title triggered a very strong (and deeply hidden) flashback to the time when my own dad attended my 10th birthday party dressed in classic eighties fashion, with the snazzy additions of a fake tan, face paint and a liberal application of body glitter.  I don’t think I was even remotely phased as I was well-used to my dad pulling slightly crazy and embarrassing stunts!  Here he is in all his glory:


Please do feel free to ease my pain and share your embarrassing dad stories in the comments section below!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to the publishers who sent me these titles to review*



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