Three cheers for the dads!

In the approach to Fathers’ Day in the U.K., I like to share titles which celebrate dads in all their glory. I am particularly impressed by the two I’m showcasing today as they have inclusivity and diversity at their cores.

‘That’s my Daddy!’ by Ruth Redford, illustrated by Dan Taylor (Egmont Publishing)

Daddies come in all shapes and sizes, some are cheerful and some are grumpy, some like baking and some kick a ball. Whatever they’re like, we love them all!


This book reflects a wonderful diversity of hobbies, roles and skin tones, allowing all children to see themselves and their families represented. It very much reminded me of a ‘You Choose’ of dads – a bit like browsing through the pages of a catalogue and spotting things you already have AND some possible upgrades! It has been a source of great interest and hilarity in my household recently.

A throughly fun and interactive read for children of all ages.  3+


‘The Girl With Two Dads,’ by Mel Elliott (Egmont Publishing)

When a new girl arrives at Pearl’s school, she’s the first to rush over and make friends. Matilda is so much fun and is just like Pearl, except she has two dads. Pearl is very excited to be invited to Matilda’s house for tea. Imagine how different it will be having two dads there! However Pearl soon learns that having two dads in the house isn’t very much different to having a mum and a dad.


I love that different family set-ups are celebrated in this story and the matter-of-fact way Pearl accents that Matilda has two dads not just one. Young children are often very accepting and curious about families different to their own so it’s brilliant to see more picture books being published which celebrate and normalise this.

A funny and inclusive story about how different types of families really aren’t that different after all. 3+

If you’re after more ideas for Fathers’ Day reads, you might like ‘Raj and the Best Day Ever!’ or some of these. There’s also the Shirley Hughes classic, ‘Alfie and Dad.’

Happy Reading and happy Fathers’ Day.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Egmont for sending me these titles to review*

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