‘Raj and the Best Day Ever!’ By Seb Braun.

Father’s Day is always the perfect opportunity to buy a new book for daddies and little ones to snuggle up with. As fate would have it, Raj dropped through my letterbox just in time.


Raj and Dad are very excited about heading off on an adventure and have big plans and a long list.  All goes well as they spot lots of lovely things on their walk to library.  Raj chooses a very exciting book about superheroes when, uh oh! Dad can’t find his wallet! All their plans are ruined. Or are they?

A warm and familiar, beautifully-illustrated story about enjoying life’s simple pleasures and the power of using your imagination to turn everything around into an adventure.

A great read and the perfect gifts for slightly careless dads everywhere.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Templar Publishing for sending me this title to review*

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