Toppsta Summer Reading Bingo Challenge

The summer holidays will hopefully be filled with plenty of sunshine and fun but there may be times when you wish your children were doing something a little more productive with their time.  Enter Toppsta with their brilliant Summer Reading Bingo challenge (you can also register with the site to review books and enter giveaways to win new titles)!


Research has shown that the reading age of an average child can dip over the holidays if they don’t regularly access books.  What better way to inspire them to try something new than a reading challenge which will encourage them to try new titles and rediscover old favourites?

Toppsta, the UK’s leading children’s book review community with over 45,000 reviews, has created its very own Summer Reading Bingo! This 12-page pack is free to download and is the perfect resource for keeping primary school children entertained throughout the summer holidays, encouraging them to engage with new and much-loved reads through play.

All you need to do is download and print your Toppsta Summer Reading Bingo pack, find the Bingo Card page and complete the mission of reading six books from the different categories (a picture book, a funny book, an illustrated book, a book about adventure or magic, a non-fiction/reference book and a gripping story). There are also some other fun things to tick off too like reading a book in the dark with a torch or reading outside in a den. Plus, you could win a £50 Smiggle voucher if you complete the challenge!

What are you waiting for? Get clicking! p.s. If you win the Smiggle voucher, I like fancy pens and notebooks!

Library Girl.


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