‘The Maker Of Monsters,’ by Lorraine Gregory, illustrations by Meg Hunt.

After the success of her debut novel, ‘Mold and the Poison Plot, Lorraine is back with her second title: ‘The Maker Of Monsters.’ Fans of her first book will not be disappointed; there’s still the warmth and wit of Mold, interlaced with a layer of lurking menace and fear!


The story begins with Brat, isolated and put-upon, working for a master whom he loves and looks after with little reciprocation. He spends his days in a castle on a remote island, feeding the vicious and hideous creatures his master creates and infuses with dark magic. An army of terror waiting for the command to march to war.

Despite all Brat’s precautions, the unthinkable happens.  The wily beasts escape their cells and head for the mainland to cause total devastation. With his Master being no help, it’s up to Brat to try and stop them. But can he overcome his fear of the sea? Can he make it to the mainland before the monsters get there? And will anybody listen to him anyway?

Inspired by the story of Frankenstein’s monster, Lorraine has created some truly terrifying monstrosities. She has also created a main character you can root for in Brat. His self-doubt and poor treatment make him all the more endearing to the reader.

Lorraine has managed to create a world which is like ours but not. A world of plenty for some but not for others. With magic, loyalties and power and the damage they can do. Ideas which are explored further in my podcast interview with Lorraine.

A story of friendship, resourcefulness and what it really means to be human. 9+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Oxford University Press for sending me this title to review*

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