Bug Out Over Books!

Bugs of all shapes and sizes are always a source of fascination for children so I have a new fictional adventure and two beautiful information books for you to enjoy.

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D0E84343-A8B4-4D86-9EFD-7EB4C65ECA0AWinnie and Wilbur: The Bug Safari,’ by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul (OUP)

A new adventure for fans of magical duo Winnie and Wilbur. After marvelling at some mighty ants carrying away crumbs from a picnic, Winnie thinks it would be fantastic fun to be as small as an ant to see what insects really get up to. Wilbur isn’t so sure, but with a wave of Winnie’s wand, the pair shrink down to the size of ants.

The pair get more than they bargained for because although they now had a bugs’-eye view of the world, the world also views them as bugs. And that’s very dangerous! Winnie’s wand is too big to handle so however will things get back to normal?

96FEBE19-1F09-4DB0-9550-B0CB80B02E86There Are Bugs Everywhere,’ by Britta Teckentrup (Big Picture Press)

There’s a reason that Teckentrup is a best-selling illustrator and author, and that is because all her books are absolutely stunning. ‘There Are Bugs Everywhere’ is no exception.

This book encourages readers to get out their magnifying glasses and get bug-hunting in the illustrations. There are plenty of ‘search and find’ challenges nestled amongst the snippets of information and facts which provide a great interactive element.

Find out which insects make good pets, which can grow to 56cm long and what spinnerets are. 7+


A56F8543-C91D-4D9E-870A-C93B2D4C4B40Bugs,’ by Simon Tyler (Pavilion Books)

Written in association with the Buglife conservation charity, ‘Bugs’ is a fascinating compendium of insect life.

Whilst the bold, graphic illustrations will delight young readers, the scientific but child-friendly information about bug life cycles, anatomy, insect orders and much, much more will provide older readers with an excellent grounding in the awe-inspiring world of insects.

The perfect book to dip in and out of at leisure or pore over for hours. 8+


1199EC7D-7808-4CF5-A4EE-DEE0F75C9A27When the Bees Buzzed Off,’ by Lula Bell, illustrated by Stephen Bennett (Little Tiger Group)

With bees currently under threat, it’s important to raise awareness of the vital role bees play in food production and what we can do to help conserve them. This novel lift-the-flap book is just the book to introduce these concepts to children aged three and up.

‘When the Bees Buzzed Off’ cleverly incorporates facts and information about bees with a story about some creepy-crawlies in peril. The bees have disappeared and the rest of the insects are concerned about their precious plants and valuable vegetable crop. Join them as they romp through various habitats to try and locate just where the bees have buzzed off to!

The illustrations serve to remind us what the world could look like without bees, whilst the quirky characters and witty asides will quickly engage readers of all ages.


Now buzz off and get reading!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to all the publishers involved for sending me these titles to review*




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