‘Hello, Friend!’ By Rebecca Cobb.

As they head back to nursery and school, children might be thinking about making new friends. ‘Hello, Friend!’ is a charming picture book about just that.


Inspired by her own daughter who is always keen to make new friends, Cobb has created a wittily-observed story about a little girl who is determined to make friends – even if her chosen target is, well, a little reluctant!

She is certain that he wants to be friends, why wouldn’t he? He loves playing outside as much as she does; sharing sandwiches at lunchtime; playing quietly (and noisily). Doesn’t he?

An endearing story about the power of perseverance when it comes to making friends. Perfect for exploring ways we can make friends with others and learning to read facial expressions! Gorgeous illustrations too – as you’d expect from a CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal shortlisted author.

Also by Rebecca Cobb:


Lunchtime’ – it’s lunchtime but the little girl is just not hungry. Mum insists, but as she sits there (not eating) a crocodile enquires whether she intends to eat her food or not. His friends (a bear and a wolf) also arrive and they quickly finish off the most deliciousness lunch they’ve ever eaten….

Aunt Amelia’ – when mum and dad tell the children that they’re going away for the night and that Aunt Amelia is coming look after them, they are less than impressed. However, Aunt Amelia seems to possess a certain disregard for the rules left by mum and dad. Cue a night of mess, mischief and plenty of fun!

The Something’ – A little hole mysteriously appears beneath the cherry tree in garden, everyone takes a guess as to what might be living in it. A mole, frogs, a dragon?! The boy keeps watch just in case. What could it be? A really lovely story about the power of the imagination.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Macmillan for sending me these titles to review*

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