Petrifying Picture Books!

I have to confess that not all of these picture books are petrifying but they do contain some seriously spooky characters as well as cracking stories!

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82AFACA9-0D3E-4CF7-AE83-3103DD5B22A0Where’s Mrs Witch?’ by Ingela P Arrhenius (Nosy Crow)

A special spooky edition joins one of my favourite board books series. This one sees a whole host of Halloween favourites hiding behind felt flaps just waiting to be discovered. The most terrifying face is to be discovered peeping out of the mirror on the very final page!

Such a great, tactile series designed to withstand a good chew from your little monsters.


71C003B0-591B-4B32-8501-C6F63FE1589BDracula Spectacular,’ by Lucy Rowland, illustrated by Ben Mantle (Macmillan)

It’s tough fitting in with a vampire family when you’d rather wear colours and glitter than dreary, dreadful black. As Dracula Boy flies through the streets at night, all the other children are frightened of him, but he just wants to try on their beautiful clothes! When he befriends a little girl who’s afraid of the dark, his parents realise that they have to let their son follow his heart.

A humorous rhyming story about being true to yourself and following your dreams.


4524B62A-9EA7-4CEA-B3C1-384597A972F4The Ultimate Survival Guide to Monsters Under the Bed,’ by Mitch Frost, illustrated by Daron Parton (Buster Books)

This is the book for anyone who’s worried about monsters lurking in all the dark, cobwebby corners of the house this Halloween. The clever folks at Goodnight Laboratory have devised a foolproof 10 step programme guaranteed to ensure that there are no monsters lurking under beds (also works on cupboard monsters.)

Monstrous fun for everyone (apart from those who go bump in the night!)


C882DFD0-1312-41B1-8D4B-B129B328C6EBThere’s a Troll on My Toilet,’ by Catherine Jacob, illustrated by Mike Byrne (Scholastic)

What do you do when you find a witch in your kitchen, ghosts on your staircase and a troll on your toilet? Scream? Run away? Or maybe something different?

This is the story which Book Boy Jr. laughed the most at. We had some very interesting discussions about just what damage a troll might do if it happened to use your toilet! Bouncy rhyming text with a repeated refrain to join in with, alongside some frightfully funny illustrations!


Read with caution!

If you’d like to discover some more Halloween reads, click HERE or HERE!

Library Ghoul!

*Many thanks to the publishers who sent me these titles to review*








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