‘The Blanket Bears,’ by Samuel Langley-Swain, illustrated by Ashlee Spink.

‘The Blanket Bears’ was written by adoptive father, Samuel Langley-Swain after he had difficulty finding appropriate books explaining the process following the adoption of his own children.


‘Blanket Bears’ is about two little bears who are cold and alone, with no one to look after them. When they’re discovered, the pair are quickly sent to live with Bailey and Niko, who work as ‘foster care bears’ to help families who can’t look after their little ones.

As the two little bears are tucked up in a nice warm bed, they slowly start to smile. After some time with their ‘foster care bears,’ the cubs start to flourish and Bailey and Niko talk about how they their social worker are going to try and find them a ‘forever’ family. Although this thought is a little bit scary, plenty of hugs, reassurances and visits make them feel safe again.


When the time comes to move house, the bears are afraid but also excited. Everyone agrees it’s time to move on and the little bears continue to flourish.

This is a beautifully simple, gentle story which carefully takes its readers through the journey of adoption. It introduces key adults who might be involved and the roles they play. What’s also key is that although the overall tone is reassuring and positive, the story also addresses some of the trickier, less comfortable emotions adopted children might be feeling. 

All children should see themselves and their lives reflected in the books they read. ‘The Blanket Bears’ certainly does this for younger adopted children and provides the means for adopters to have honest conversations with the children they’ve taken into their lives.

It is worth noting that this book is endorsed by AdoptionUK, a charity which is a key source of information and support for adoptive families.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Owlet Press for sending me this title to review*

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