Sharing is Caring

Sharing is something that can be very difficult for young (and some older) children to do. These two picture books are just brilliant for talking about how the characters in the stories cope with having to share and what they could change about their behaviour. It’s then much easier for children to reflect on how they could change their own behaviour too.

929717FC-3865-4613-8A3B-AAFCFC3928DA‘Fair Shares,’ by Pippa Goodhart, illustrated by Anna Doherty (Tiny Owl)

Hare and Bear both want to get their paws on the delicious pears growing up high in the trees. But neither of them can quite reach. What to do? Hare suggests that they could stand on chairs to reach – but is it fair if they both only have one to stand on? Bear is much taller, after all.


I really enjoyed this book’s approach to what is fair and what’s not. Too often, children think that things are only fair if all parties get the same it are treated exactly the same. The concept of some people needing one thing and others needing something different can be very hard to understand. ‘Fair Shares’ sets out this idea in an easy to comprehend manner, perfect for young readers. I also loved Anna Doherty’s expressive illustrations with a warm, autumnal colour palette.


Nuts!’ by Lou Peacock and Yasmeen Ismail (Nosy Crow)

Two little squirrels are out collecting nuts. An argument breaks out when they can’t decide who found them first. When their friends start to take sides, the situation gets out of control and ends with tantrums all round. Will the quarrelsome pair ever learn to share?


Sometimes emotions can be overwhelming and it can be hard to think rationally. Taking some time-out to calm down can be the most sensible thing to do. I liked that this story addressed that and saw the characters reach a satisfactory resolution. The illustrations convey real character and emotion in Yasmeen Ismail’s trademark style.

Two beautiful picture books to generate conversations with even the very littlest readers about sharing and what being fair actually means.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to the publishers for sending me these titles to review*






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