‘The Conspiracy of Magic,’ by Harriet Whitehorn, cover by Maria Surducan.

I was thrilled to receive a copy of ‘The Conspiracy of Magic,’ because it would give me another opportunity to dive into the magical world of Cass (whom I first met in The Company of Eight.) Things have taken an icier turn with sorcerers and magicians beginning to rebel against the ban on magic.


Cass has been appointed as the Queen of Minaris’s protector as she travels far and wide across the kingdom. Of course, this job comes with the risk of great danger but Cass has the advantage of being an obtuse (someone who’s not affected by magic) so she has an advantage when the Queen’s party is attacked by magical forces.

However, with no magical powers of her own and sinister forces out to get her, will Cass be able to ward off the attacks and keep herself and her Queen safe?

I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the rich, lavishly-realised fantasy world created by Harriet Whitehorn. I enjoyed seeing how Cass had develop since the first instalment of her adventure and discovering more about the secret society – The Company of Eight.

I was quickly whisked along the icy tracks and snow-covered roads with the characters, and shivering alongside them in stony prison cells. This story is as full of bravery, friendship and feats of daring as the first, but it won’t matter if you haven’t read book one first. The Conspiracy of Magical works equally as well as a stand-alone title as a sequel.

Great for readers aged 9+ who want a heroine who has to rely on her own wits and strength rather than magic to survive.

Library Girl.

*Thank you the Stripes Publishing for sending me this title to review*


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