‘Hilda and the Mountain King,’ by Luke Pearson.

Book Boy is really enjoying graphic novels at the moment. His latest discover is the ‘Hilda’ series. This is fantastic news as there are several other graphic novels, a fiction series and a Netflix show to delve into. But let me share Hilda’s latest adventure with you:


After being grounded for sneaking out and discovering herself and mum transported to The Stone Forest where trolls roam freely, Hilda had been tucked up safely in her bed for a long sleep. However, when she awoke the next morning, Hilda found herself back in the mother troll’s cave….and The Stone Forest..!

Hilda is desperate to get home. And her mum (her real mum) is desperate to find her. But how on Earth is she going to get switched back? She eventually finds a troll who knows of a piece of old magic which might just work. But she’s going to need to steal something precious from the Mountain King’s hoard. And can she really trust this troll?

Another fantastic addition to the Hilda series. Luke Pearson has cleverly mixed high adventure, mortal peril and the power of a mother’s love into one gripping tale. Book Boy was so hooked that he read the whole novel in one sitting.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Flying Eyes Books for sending me this title to review*

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