Gorgeous First Chapter Books from Stripes Publishing

As children become more confident and independent readers, they often want a chapter book they are able to enjoy on their own, as well as a read-aloud. Stripes Publishing have an absolutely beautifully produced range which I am going to share with you now.


The whole series is hardback with glossy pages and colour illustrations throughout, making them an excellent choice for anyone aged 5+ who still loves the vibrant, full-page illustrations of picture books but want a little more text to go with them.

1FB62C4F-0C83-442A-B186-60A04414107F‘A Sea of Stories’ by Sylvia Bishop, illustrated by Paddy Donnelly.

Roo’s grandpa lives in a cottage by the sea and has a house full of ‘bits and pieces.’ Each one holds the key to a memory and the story of Grandpa’s life. Roo loves listening to Grandpa’s tales or bravery and daring, and the story of how he met Grandma. As she listens, Roo realises there are some things which can’t be kept indoors – even if they’re the things you love best. And it’s then that she comes up with her plan….

A touching story about the power of memories, story-telling and communities working together.

E7F50370-85BC-446F-BBC3-960FD12B9F0DSpeedy Monkey’ by Jeanne Willis, illustrated by Chantelle & Burgen Thorne.

Speedy Monkey can’t keep still and he can’t keep quiet. He never stops asking questions, fiddling, flicking or climbing. The other creatures in the rainforest wish he’d be quiet – just for a minute, but Speedy doesn’t understand how to do that! He decides to follow Bat’s advice and pay a visit to the great kapok tree at the edge of the forest. It’s then that he spots a fierce storm coming. He must warn the others. Maybe his monkey speed will come in handy after all?

A bouncy story about being yourself and embracing your strengths.

82B4AF4D-32C4-47C1-87D9-5F2BE291057B’Little Lost Bird’ by Patricia Hegarty, illustrated by Sebastiaan Van Donnick.

Little Bird has hurt his wing and is worried about losing his flock. Deer finds him and promises that he and his forest friends will try to help. They decide that in order to get somewhere warmer, Little Bird just needs to head for the sun.

With his friend, Deer, for company, Little Bird heads off for warmer weather. But with the sun never seeming to get any closer and danger lurking, will the intrepid pair make it?

A lovely tale of friendship, the changing seasons and overcoming obstacles.

8338147F-436A-495A-A73C-8CEFD555ECAFThe Missing Bookshop’ by Katie Clapham, illustrated by Kirsti Beautyman.

Milly has been visiting Mrs Minty’s bookshop for as long as she can remember. For story-telling sessions when she was little and to spend birthday money now she’s older. But Milly isn’t the only one getting older. Mrs Minty’s getting a little old and creaky too. What will happen if the bookshop has to close? And what can Milly do to help?

Perhaps if she can just help Mrs Minty keep the shop open a little longer, Milly would have time to become a grown up and a book encyclopaedia herself. But one day, a sign appears on the shop door saying ‘Closed until further notice.’ What does that mean and where’s Mrs Minty?

A beautiful story about the importance of story telling and protecting our wonderful bookshops.

This is such a fantastic new series of books for readers aged five and up. I can’t wait to see which titles are added next.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Stripes Publishing for sending me these titles to review*

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