Blog Tour: ‘Agent Zaiba Investigates,’ by Annabelle Sami, illustrated by Daniela Sosa.

Welcome to my stop on Agent Zaiba’s blog tour.  If you’re looking for a thoroughly modern take on a children’s detective novel, this is it! You can also find out more about our curious crime-solver in an exclusive Q & A about Zaiba herself.


Zaiba is following in her mother’s footsteps: always on the lookout for crime or a mystery to solve. When at her cousin’s pre-wedding mehndi party is no exception! Desperate to avoid having to do the family dance, Zaiba starts looking for people who might be hiding secrets to investigate. But when she learns a VIP guest is also staying at the hotel, Zaiba and her friends just have to find out more, and maybe even catch a glimpse of who the celebrity is…

3FD664D5-F2A2-4D54-BBD3-B7547D97672ELittle do the inquisitive trio expect to get caught up in solving the mystery of a disappearing diamond dog collar and a runaway dog. Who could have been responsible for letting the pampered pooch loose? And why?

This book is a great introduction to the world 9591163B-BE4E-465D-B25E-02F726AD38CAof mystery and detective novels for readers aged 8+, with plenty of illustrations. I loved the lively characters and snippets of wisdom interjected by Zaiba’s little brothers at pivotal points of the story.

It’s also quite unusual to find a young British Pakistani protagonist as the central character in this kind of book. I love that Zaiba’s heritage is celebrated so vibrantly. I can imagine myself right there in the thick of things!

Now it’s time to delve a little deeper and find out some more about the amazing super sleuth, Agent Zaiba:

All About Zaiba!

My Family:

My dad is called Hassan, my little brother is Ali and my step-mum is Jessica (but I usually just call her mum!) Then there’s Ammi, my birth mum,  but she went missing when I was little. Oh, and of course my Aunt Fouzia who lives in Pakistan.


Sleuthing, detective work, being a good leader, spotting clues, helping my friends.

My best friend:

Poppy is my best friend and co-detective. She always makes me laugh and she’s got great style!

My idol:

That’s easy! My Aunt Fouzia who runs Karachi’s top detective agency, The Snow Leopard Detective Agency, is my idol.  She’s the best.

My favourite book:

Hmmmm, now that’s harder. My favourite author is Eden Lockett – she’s written LOADS of mystery books about her real-life escapades! But I couldn’t possibly choose just one…

My favourite food:

Anything my dad makes (which is mostly cakes). He’s an amazing baker. But I also love a paratha – so flaky and buttery.

My favourite activity:

I absolutely love when I’m putting together a bunch of clues and I have an ‘A-ha!’ moment. It’s when all the pieces come together and suddenly the truth is revealed! After all, the best part of a mystery is solving it.

I love it when the pieces all come together, although I’m nowhere near as good at doing it as Zaiba!

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Library Girl.

*Thank you to Stripes Publishing for inviting me to be part of this blog tour*


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