‘A Super Weird Mystery: Danger at Donut Diner,’ by Jim Smith

Fans of funny and all things Barry Loser will be delighted to learn that creator of craziness, Jim Smith is back with a BRAND NEW series!


The Pebble family (humans not stones) are moving to Donut Island and it would be fair to say that neither of the kids (Melvin and Violet) are looking forward to it. But when Melvin’s new neighbour, Rhubarb, shows an appreciation for his sealed toy packet collection, he wonders if things might not be so bad after all.

Rhubarb has a nose for mystery – and there seem to be plenty of them on Donut Island. There’s ‘The Mystery of the Dropped Cucumber Slice’ and They Mystery of the Grandad Who Turned Into a Tree,’ for example. Then the Donut Hole Monsters arrive and things start getting crazy!


Full of the off-wall-humour and hilarious illustrations we’ve come to expect from Jim Smith, with an added twist of twilight zone-style weirdness and mystery. I would recommend this for readers aged 8+

Book Boy read this in two sittings and had the following to say: “So good, I couldn’t put it down – I read it in two days! I loved everything about it.”

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Egmont for sending me this title to review*


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