‘Gregory Goose is on the Loose,’ by Hilary Robinson, illustrated by Mandy Stanley.

I love this new board book series about a goose with a need to explore. He’s always off on a new adventure: trekking through the jungle or shooting up to the moon.


It’s so important to introduce babies and toddlers to books as soon as possible. Reading to little ones helps build their vocabulary, develop their powers of concentration and learn the rhythms and rhymes of reading aloud. It also provides the perfect environment for bonding when snuggled up together sharing a story.

Young children will love the bouncy text which introduces them to key vocabulary linked to different settings, allowing them to enjoy forming new and unfamiliar words with their mouths. I’m sure we all know a toddler who delights in reeling off the names of obscure dinosaurs – they love challenging words!

Mandy Stanley’s vibrant illustrations sing from the pages, bringing Gregory’s adventures to life. On each page, readers are encouraged to ‘seek and find’ Gregory, who is something of an expert at hide and seek! This is fantastic for sharpening children’s powers of observation and improving their levels of concentration.


Fans of Gregory will delighted to know that there are two more Gregory adventures coming soon: ‘Up the Mountain’ and ‘At the Fair.’ I’ve had a look at them and they are equally as engaging. How Mandy has managed to make a book where every page is covered in snow, but each completely different baffles me!


A brilliant new series suitable from birth.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Catch a Star Books for sending me these titles to review*






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