Blog Tour: ‘Scribble Witch: Notes in Class,’ by Inky Willis.

Welcome one and all. I am splendiferously excited to introduce you to the first title in the Scribble Witch series by Inky Willis. Any book which urges you to bring along your favourite pencil case and features a list of top ten pencil topper in the first few pages is fine with me. It totally taps into my inner eight-year-old who used to collect rubbers and definitely still loves a glittery gel pen or pastel highlighter!


The day Molly’s best friend announces she’s going to a new school, is the worst day EVER! What will Molly do without her best friend around? The last thing she wants to think about is planning a stupid pirate story for school. Enter Notes. A teeny tiny paper witch who lives in the pen pot. She springs to life just when she thinks Molly needs it the most and tries her best to help.

The only problem, is that Notes’ attempts at helping are less than, erm, helpful. Her invisible pencil seems to land Molly in more trouble with her grumpy teacher than ever before! It’s amazing what Notes can get up to before the end of the school day!

Despite her knack for getting Molly in trouble, Notes has only the very best of intentions and quickly won me over as I’m sure she will an army of loyal readers all waving their best pencil toppers aloft!


As well as containing lots of engaging giggles, doodles and lists, I think that Scribble Witch could be very useful in helping other children who are experiencing friendship difficulties and feeling a little lost. Although Notes’ advice may not always be the best, she does help Molly get to the root of her problems and think about a plan of action.

This is such a brilliant book for those aged 7+ – a tricky and under-catered for group of readers. Inky Willis has created a fantastic new series full of giggles, heart and some seriously cool stationery!

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Hachette Children’s Books for inviting me to be part of this blog tour. Make sure you visit some of the other stops too*






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