Blog Tour: ‘Scribble Witch: Paper Friends,’ by Inky Willis.

I loved the first Scribble Witch title so was delighted to be asked to review book three. The highly-illustrated pages and wonderful word-play engage young readers from the get-go.

‘Molly often experiences some magic to brighten up her school day – thanks to Notes, the tiny paper witch who lives in her pen pot. Notes loves to help her friends … though her helping often gets Molly into trouble with her grouchbag teacher!

And when Notes decides to go with Molly on their school trip to the local ancient Egypt exhibition, Molly knows Notes is bound to get up to her usual tricks. 

Will Notes use her magic powers to help Molly sort out her best friends’ problems? Who is Notes’s secret paper friend? And what ancient treasure is the class going to uncover back at school?’ 6+

Another great addition to the Scribble Witch series. Packed with all the hilarity you would expect due to the chaos generally caused by Notes’s attempts to ‘help’ but it also gently explores themes of friendship and helping others.

Library Girl.

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