#TuesdayReviewsDay: ‘The Derby Daredevils: Kenzie Kickstarts a Team,’ by Kit Rosewater, illustrated by Sophie Escabasse.

We’re back for a post-bank holiday Tuesday Reviews Day. This week Book Boy has chosen a Derby Daredevils title.


Best friends Kenzie and Shelly are desperate to enter a real life roller derby. When their local league announced there’ll be a new junior division, they can’t believe their luck! There’s only one problem – to compete, they’re going to need to pull together a team of five players.  In just one week!

Undeterred, the terrific twosome get to work recruiting potential team members, but Kenzie gets jealous when Shelly starts acting like everyone’s new best friend. Things take a turn for the mega awkward when Shelly recruits Kenzie’s secret crush.

DFA1B3E4-839A-4104-B2A8-D0684ABB5066Book Boy grabbed this before me and had the following to say: ”This would be good for anyone who likes sport and it could encourage you to start skating. I read it so quickly because it was such a great book. It’s not just for girls: boys will like it too.”

A great middle grade title full of the normal ups and downs of friendships, and the power of working as a team. It may be of interest to those of you looking to develop a more inclusive selection of books, that Kenzie’s crush is on neighbour and girl, Bree. It’s great to see different types of relationships portrayed casually and within fanfare. 9+

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Abrams Kids for sending me this title to review*

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