Blog Tour: ‘Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bites,’ by Sophie Deen, illustrated by Anjan Sarkar.

I am always pleased to see books featuring girls & STEM, and even more so when the main character is from a BAME background. Imagine then my delight when Agent Asha arrived through my letterbox.


Top hacker and coder, Asha, is recruited via a cleverly coded message from the library to join a top secret group – the CSA (Children’s Spy Agency.) When she solves the clues and finds her way to the local branch, she is somewhat surprised to be greeted by a hologram of the rather delicious masala eggs she’d had for breakfast.

It would seem that her help is need to save the internet from sharks. Sharks trained to munch through the giant seabed cables providing internet collections across the globe. Her mission to infiltrate Shelly Inc and their computer systems will require all of her nerve and cunning.  Plus a little help from her trusty robotic hamster, Tumble, and her drone of course!


This is a fantastic adventure which requires to flex their reading brawn as well as their brains.  I love the inclusion of pages from Asha’s case files to give the reader extra background information and explain ideas.

3A43DB83-B0E3-4DF6-A1DA-91547381B346There is obviously also a very strong coding element to the story with brilliant pages of code for readers to familiarise themselves – any story which can teach children to code as they read can only be a good thing.

For budding future members of the CSA, there’s a sneaky QR code on the back of the book. Scan it to see if you’ve got what it takes!

This highly illustrated chapter book is packed full of action and laughs, making it perfect for coders and spies-in-training aged 7+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Walker Books for sending me this title to review. Make sure you visit the other stops on the tour too*


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