Blog Tour: ‘Spaghetti Hunters,’ by Morag Hood.

Woo-hoo! Another absolutely fabulous picture book by Morag Hood is now available for all you luck readers! Her tightly-plotted and hilarious books are amongst some of my favourites. And now we have ‘Spaghetti Hunters’ to enjoy!


Duck has a BIG problem. – he has lost his spaghetti. Thankfully, Tiny Horse is on hand to help out.  And he just happens to be the greatest spaghetti there has ever been!  With no time to waste, the pair pack their spaghetti-hunting equipment and set to find the pesky pasta. However, The Great Spaghetti Hunt is a little different to how Duck has imagined…


One of the things I love most about all Morag’s books is her dry sense of humour and excellent comic timing. It’s what makes her stories absolute joys to read over and over and over again! Long-suffering Duck and hard-to-impress Tiny Horse made me chuckle as I read their tale – they’re like a bickering old couple!

I also liked the home-cooking element of the story, encouraging readers to find out what their food is made of and maybe even to try cooking some of it themselves. I’d be tempted to try making some pasta if flour weren’t still so hard to come by.

A brilliantly funny read aloud packed with wit which doesn’t condescend its audience. Love, love, love it!

You might also like to read ‘Brenda Is a Sheep’ – one of my personal favourites.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Two Hoots for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour.


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