Albie’s 10th Anniversary Tour! ‘How to Win a Monster Race,’ by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Ed Eaves.

We are absolutely huge fans of Caryl Hart’s awesome series of Albie picture books. Each story is a leap into the imagination of a young boy with a habit of attracting adventure and mischief!

When my own boys were younger, we’d have Albie’s adventures on bedtime story repeat. They had several favourites, one of the being ‘How to Win a Monster Race.’ Caryl Hart has shared her top 5 monster facts and Book Boy was inspired to find 5 facts about monster trucks!


As so often is the case with Albie’s adventures, this one started when mum took him out to do another mundane task – getting the car washed. But as Albie watches the rollers spin and brushes whirr, something very strange begins to happen. Mum’s car transforms from a normal everyday car into an awesome racing machine!

This Albie adventure focuses on the virtues of fair play and teamwork which are key to getting the job in hand done – valuable lessons for young fans!

Book Boy’s Top 5 Monster Truck Facts:


Five Facts about Monsters (by Caryl Hart)

  1. Some of the most famous monsters were invented by the Ancient Greeks who loved telling stories about brave heroes and their battles with powerful monsters.
  2. Many of the Greek monsters are mixture of several different animals. The Minotaur is half human, half bull and Medusa was a human women with living snakes for hair.
  3. Parents used to tell their children they’d be taken by monsters in the night if they didn’t behave!
  4. The Sully character in Monsters Inc. has over 2 million individual hairs on his body. As a result, each frame took over 11 hours to animate. 
  5. Frankenstein isn’t actually the name of the monster, but the scientist who created him. Mary Shelley, who wrote the original story, did not name the monster at all!

If you’d haven’t yet had the pleasure of discovering this series, lucky you! If you have, you’ll be pleased to know that a brand new Roman adventure arriving soon – to win a copy, find me on Twitter or Instagram as @BookSuperhero2.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Simon and Schuster for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour.*


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