It’s all about the books!

Today I have not one, not two, but three glorious picture books all about books!

This joyous read joins a T-Rex as she discovers books and reading for the very first time. As she learns that books have amazing powers to transform a bedroom into a castle or a roaring ocean, to teach you how to become a chess master or even the Prime Minister! As she spreads the word to all of her dinosaur friends – imagine what could happen then?!

Full of crazy scenarios and bold illustrations to spark the imagination, this story is a celebration of libraries, books and the power of reading.

Every time Phoebe has to do reading at school, she gets knots in her tummy and feels ill. She worries that she doesn’t always know what sounds the letters make when they’re strung together, and even if she knows what a word says she won’t answer in case she’s wrong.

When her teacher says they’re going on a special reading trip, Phoebe doesn’t want to go. But then she meets Big Boo the rescue dog and every changes.

This is a lovely, reassuring story for anyone who finds reading tricky and celebrates the pleasure of finding your reading feet. A great story for schools who are lucky enough to have a reading dog!

Mabel is absolutely sick of being given books. She is not at all interested in reading books so instead she uses them as steps, doorstops and sledges. One day, the books decide to take matters into their own hands and show Mabel just what she’s been missing. Maybe then she’ll change her mind and discover just how exciting the stories inside books can be…

I loved this story. As a teacher, I’ve met lots of children who claim not to like books, it experience has taught me that it’s usually just a case of finding the right one! Full of humour, gorgeous illustrations and literally thousands of books, this could be just the story to convert someone to the pleasure of reading.

There you go – three brilliant books all about children (and T-Rexes) discovering the wonderful world of reading for the very first time. I hope you’ve found something to inspire the children in your life.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to all the publishers who sent me these titles to review*

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