The ‘Turn and Learn’ series – written by Isabel Otter and illustrated by Hannah Tolson.

We are big fans of information books in this household and are always pleased when something a little different comes our way. The ‘Turn and Learn’ series from Little Tiger Press features slide and reveal wheels which delighted Book Boy Jr.

Our World allows readers to explore five fascinating habitats: desert, rainforest, arctic, and the savannah. Learn all about the weird and wonderful wildlife, the amazing plants and the people who live there. The mix of bold illustrations, fact boxes and statistics make for a brilliant read for anyone aged 6+

Weather introduces budding meteorologists to five different weather systems: rain, snow, thunder & lightning, sunshine and wind. Extreme weather, records and myths all get a mention in its pages. Again, the wonderful combination of text and illustration will excite and engage readers.

A thoroughly engaging, interactive series with study card pages and board covers to withstand repeat exploring!

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending me these titles to review*

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