‘The Griffin Gate,’ by Vashti Hardy, illustrated by Natalie Smillie.

Full disclosure – I am a HUGE fan of Vashti’s middle grade adventures (the epic ‘Brightstorm’ series and the Blue Peter Award-Winning, ‘Wildspark.’) I am also a massive fan of Barrington Stoke’s highly-accessible, dyslexia-friendly titles. Imagine if you can, my delight at discovering that these two powerhouses of children’s books were joining forces to create a brand new adventure series?!

Introducing ‘The Griffin Gate’

Grace Griffin comes from a long line of wardens who have been charged with protecting Moreland for generations. Fortunately, the family have the Griffin map which has the ability to teleport them directly to those in need.

This book is pure ‘Essence of Vashti Hardy.’ If you were to simmer it over a flickering fire for several days, you’d be left with the core ingredients of: a bold, ingenious female lead, some truly marvellous mechanicals and purest adventure.

A fantastic introduction to the fantasy genre for those aged 8+ or for less confident readers who’ve been introduced to Vashti’s older titles in class and want a work of hers which they can read independently. Full of wonderful illustrations and the first in a new series, this is a highly recommended portal into the world of Vashti Hardy.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Barrington Stoke for sending me this title to review*

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