‘Tales From the Pitch,’ by Harry Coninx, cover by Ben Farr.

Books with a football theme are perennially popular – both in school libraries and at home with my own children. I was delighted to see a new series of fictionalised biographies about some of the game’s biggest players.

Written by football fanatic, Harry Coninx, this series is infused with hints, tips and his own special brand of banter. My boys loved that the books were filled with events and insights which fleshed out their footballing heroes into real people with real lives.

As I’ve already mentioned, these are fictionalised biographies, so although the key events and dates are true, some of the events are based more on the author’s imagination than hard facts.

Book Boy (an Arsenal fan) read ‘Gnabry’ and had the following to say: ‘This was really exciting to read. It taught me that you have to work hard to reach your dreams and not give up when things are difficult. I think that any fan of football will enjoy reading these books.’

A great new series with short, digestible chapters to tempt readers aged 7+ to try something different.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Ransom Publishing for sending me these titles to review*

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