Take a visit to the pumpkin patch…

Today I’m sharing two wonderful picture books which focus on that Halloween staple – pumpkins! Find out how they grow then go on a spooky Halloween hunt…

‘We Planted a Pumpkin,’ by Rob Ramsden (Scallywag Press)

I really love Rob Ramsden’s ‘In the Garden’ series – beautiful illustrations, heart-warming stories and an important message about appreciating the natural world.

Join the journey of a pumpkin turning from a tiny seed to a jolly orange pumpkin – just in time for Halloween. Learn how to care for seedlings as they grow and how important it is to be patient!

Absolutely perfect for encouraging young children to pick up a trowel and get planting – it’s a must-have if you’re teaching about plant life cycles or harvest! 2+

‘We’re Going on a Pumpkin Hunt,’ by Goldie Hawk and Angie Rozelaar (Nosy Crow)

This book is a fun Halloween twist in Michael Rosen’s classic, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ As with all of Nosy Crow’s picture books, there’s a handy QR code to scan inside the front cover which will read the story aloud.

Join our spooky crew of intrepid pumpkin hunters as they navigate green-eyed cats, cobwebs and flappy bats!

Brilliant bouncing text which begs audience participation with a repeated refrain which just has to be joined in with. This, plus the playful illustrations make this book an excellent buy for anyone aged 2+

Happy pumpkin collecting!

Library Girl

*Many thanks to the publishers for sending me these titles to review*

One thought on “Take a visit to the pumpkin patch…

  1. erinthecatprincess says:

    How wonderful that this book has such great pictures, especially of cats, as well as a QR code that reads the book. That latter point is most inclusive for those that find it awkward to do for one reason or another.


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