Fantastic Inventions!

As it’s National Non-Fiction November, I think it’s only right to share with your some of the stunning information books I’ve been sent recently. Both my sons are fascinated by books featuring gadgets, gizmos and gobsmacking vehicles so these next four have been given thorough testing!

‘In the Sky: Designs Inspired by Nature,’ by Harriet Evans, illustrated by Gonçalo Viana (Little Tiger Group)

Scientists have long turned to nature for design inspiration – millions of years of evolution provide some pretty thoroughly tested blueprints!Readers will discover birds and bats, bee dances and outer-space cameras as they pore over the beautifully-illustrated pages. 8+

This is a truly fascinating book which is absolutely packed with facts and stunning illustrations which clearly explain the links between science and nature. I was amazed to learn that some species of spiders spin webs which reflect ultraviolet light which birds can see and then avoid the web – this principle has been used to create a type of glass which does the same so that birds don’t crash into the windows of glass buildings.

‘The Story of Inventions,’ by Catherine Barr & Steve Williams, illustrated by Amy Husband (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books)

This book tells the story of some of the world’s greatest inventions for readers aged six plus. Take a ride on a wheel, find your way with a compass, switch on the lights and watch the steam engine puff into sight.

A clever journey through time with highly-illustrated double-page spreads for each topic. It looks at how the invention was originally and how it has developed and evolved over the years. My son loved exploring the illustrations alongside the text, which is well-pitched for its intended age group.

‘The World’s Most Magnificent Machines,’ by David Long, illustrated by Simon Tyler (Faber & Faber Ltd.)

This beautiful new title is a round-up of 32 of the most magnificent machines from across history, written by the Blue Peter award-winning author of ‘Survivors.’ From rockets that can fly at more than 20,000 miles per hour, to a motorbike with only one wheel – not all have worked, some have been rather strange but all were designed as a result of vision and dedication.

My eldest son was enthralled by this comprehensive guide to some truly amazing vehicles and the feats of daring, skill and bravery behind their creation. The stylish layouts and illustrations take inspiration from classic 1920’s and 30’s travel posters, making the book extremely covetable! An ideal Christmas gift for enthusiasts of all ages (9+)

‘A Trip to the Future: How Today’s Science Will Shape Tomorrow’s World,’ by Moira Butterfield & Fathi Studio (Templar Books)

This fascinating book explores how our lives might change in the future – learn about the amazing scientific achievements already made, and the incredible possibilities which lie before us to make our world a better place.

Definitely a book for the scientists and inventory’s of the future. We loved that it looked at how tech being developed today could be applied to our lives in future years – it certainly sparked some debate about which invention we’d most like to own! I’m not sure I fancy a toilet which can tell me which vitamins and minerals I’m deficient in!

Endless fascinating, gloriously designed. Perfect for readers aged 8+

Plenty of food for thought and perhaps some inspiration for your Christmas shopping?

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to the publishers who sent me these titles to review*

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