‘A Story About Afiya,’ by James Berry, illustrated by Anna Cunha.

I’m delighted to be part of Lantana Publishing’s campaign to ensure that children of colour see themselves represented in the books they receive this Christmas. To help make this happen, they’ve given me a special discount code for people to use on their website up until the 18th December. It’s: BOOKSUPERHERO15. For every book purchased, Lantana will also donate a copy of the book to a child in need.

Afiya has the most wonderful dress which starts each day snowy white but finishes it imprinted with beautiful images of that day’s memories – schools of fish, smiling sunflowers and tigers from the zoo! It’s a joyful celebration of a young girl’s childhood.

As I was reading, I was reminded of childhood memories of my own. It led me to ponder what would be on my magical dress if I were Afiya – fossils from the Jurassic Coast, fields of lavender in France and ducks from my local pond, I should imagine! It would be lovely to ask children to do the same.

Written by celebrated Jamaican poet, James Berry OBE and with the most gorgeous, evocative illustrations by Anna Cunha, new life has been breathed into this enchanting poem to create a fantasy land for new readers to get lost in.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Lantana Publishing for sending me this title to review*

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