Christmas Advent – Day Four ‘Santa Gets a Second Job,’ by Michele D’Ignazio, illustrated by Sergio Olivotti, translated by Denise Muir.

Today’s advent pick is a wry, clever and downright hilarious journey towards finding the real meaning of Christmas.

The International Postal Service is in the red and this spells bad news for seasonal worker, Santa. He’s going to have make some cutbacks: reindeer hire and insurance is a major expense, and as for some of the ridiculous presents children are writing and asking him for now! There’s nothing for it – Santa needs to find a second job.

After trying out a variety of jobs (call centre worker, entertainer, and more…), he finally finds the perfect job. Something where he can be useful to the community AND find raw materials just waiting to be recycled into some amazing toys – a bin man!

When he finds a bundle of old letters which had been addressed to him but never reached their destination, Santa knows that he has to find their owner and finally grant her Christmas wish.

This is a brilliant read for anyone aged eight plus. It’s utterly hilarious, but has a strong focus on the true meaning of Christmas and a great environmental message about the importance of recycling. A real gem of a book.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Macmillan Children’s Books for sending me this title to review*

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