Christmas Advent – Day 18 ‘Trouble on Planet Christmas,’ by Kate Saunders, illustrated by Neal Layton.

The 7-9 age group can be tricky to find appropriate books for. This illustration-packed comedy sequel to ‘The Great Reindeer Escape’ would be just the ticket!

There’s trouble on Yule-1 (the real home planet of Father Christmas) and the Trubshaw family are being flown back there from Earth to help. Once again, siblings Sadie and Jake are being whisked back to place where they learnt to fly and befriended the elves.

One of Santa’s top toy makers has gone rogue and is intent on making as much money as possible. The only problem is that his inventions are BONKERS and don’t always work as he had intended. They need rounding up and Dad needs to fix the magic mainframe of the computer system to prevent anymore malfunctioning toys getting loose.

This is a wonderful life-affirming adventure crammed with magic and buckets of laughs. Neal Layton’s brilliant black and white illustrations feature throughout, helping make this a fantastic stocking filler for readers who are gaining independence.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Faber & Faber Ltd. for sending me this title to review*

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