‘The Ghost of Gosswater,’ by Lucy Strange, cover by Helen Crawford-White.

If you haven’t read any of Lucy Strange’s rather wonderful historical novels, now is a good time to start as her latest title, The Ghost of Gosswater, is an absolute corker! So good, I read it in an afternoon!

The Lake District, 1899.

The Earl is dead and cruel Cousin Clarence has inherited everything. Twelve-year-old Lady Agatha Asquith is cast out of Gosswater Hall to live in a tiny, tumbledown cottage with a stranger who claims to be her father. 

Aggie is determined to discover her real identity, but she is not alone on her quest for the truth. On the last day of the year, when the clock strikes midnight, a mysterious girl of light creeps through the crack in time; she will not rest until the dark, terrible secrets of the past have been revealed …

Lucy Strange really is the most mesmerising of writers. This time she has created a haunting gothic tale of family secrets, betrayal and hidden love suitable for the middle grade audience.

There were times, whilst reading, when I could almost feel the cold mist of the island on the lake swirling around my ankles and feel the bitter chill of a winter storm – and that is a sign of brilliant writing! I really can’t recommend this book enough to anyone aged 10+

If you’d like to read more of Lucy Strange’s work, take a look at my review of Our Castle by the Sea.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Chicken House for sending me this title to review*

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