‘Our Castle by the Sea,’ by Lucy Strange, design by Helen Crawford-White.

Having loved Lucy’s first book, I was very  excited to see that she had written a new title set on the Kent coast during the Second World War.  I couldn’t wait to dive in…


‘Our Castle by the Sea’ is about a family being torn apart amid rumours of espionage whilst enemy planes fly overhead.

Petra lives in a lighthouse with her elder sister, Magda, her lighthouse-keeper father and her mutti. Pet’s world  has always been one of secret tunnels, mysteries and storms, but once war is declared, things get worse as her German mother is accused of spying and kept in an internment camp. Meanwhile, her father also seems to be keeping secrets and her sister’s growing distant.

I would recommend this to anybody who is learning about the Second World War as it looks at the events from the perspective of a normal family, living on the Home Front, rather than being focussed on the battlefield.  It includes lots of accurate historical details and beautiful language, all whilst being steeped in the myth of ‘The Daughters Of Stones’ guarding the lighthouse and ‘the wyrm’ waiting in Dragon Bay to devour lost ships.

A gripping read – once I’d started, I couldn’t put it down (even when it was my sons’ bath time!)

Poetic, haunting and unforgettable I can imagine readers aged 9+ getting drawn into this tale of espionage and fierce familial love.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to Just Imagine for sending me this title to review *

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