Earth Day 2021 Spotlight: ‘Max Takes A Stand,’ by Tim Allman, illustrated by Nick Shepherd.

This time I have an early chapter book for you. Packed with engaging comic-book style illustrations and plenty of laughs, this would be perfect for anyone aged 7+.

‘This fun, anarchic series revolves around a boy called Max and his mission to make the world a better place. In each book in the series Max tries to save the planet through positive direct action, with hilarious results but real heart too. Unfortunately, not everyone reacts so positively to Max’s methods-but nothing can dampen his passion!’

This time, Max has seen a big climate change rally on the TV and is starting to worry about what state the planet will be in in ten years time. Will all the wildlife have been suffocated by a layer of cows’ farts trapped in the atmosphere? Will there really be floods everywhere? Should he start stashing honey under his bed in case all the bees die out? That’s it – Max is taking a stand and he’s starting by hiding his parents’ car keys!

Loads of fun interlaced with real facts about climate change for young readers to enjoy.

Library Girl.

*Thank you to OUP for sending me this title*

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