Earth Day 2021 Spotlight: ‘Coyote’s Soundbite – A Poem for Our Planet,’ by John Agard, illustrated by Piet Grobler.

Today is officially Earth Day 2021 so it only seems fitting that I share with you ‘Coyote’s Soundbite – A Poem For Our Planet’ – a very clever and funny call to action…

‘Excitement spreads like wildfire through the jungle. Earth-goddesses are planning a conference! From Australia to Antarctica, the Amazon to Africa, goddesses will debate the burning environmental issues of our times…and bushy-tailed, smooth-talking Coyote wants in on the action! Can this infamous trickster come up with a plan to infiltrate the conference and leave a lasting legacy for our planet?’

This poem very cleverly balances heartfelt pleas from the Earth-Goddesses with some quick thinking and smart-dressing by the infinitely cunning coyote. I also love that at end of the story we learn that coyote’s wife had had a similar idea to get her views heard by the male Earth-gods!

It introduces readers to a diverse range of: goddesses from around the world such as Daruna, the Aboriginal goddess of creation, and Kujum Chantu from North-East India, whose eyes became the sun and moon.

Pleasingly rhythmic to read and with lively illustrations by Piet Grobler, this poem in a picture book would be interesting to share with children aged 8+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Lantana for sending me this title to review*

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