Blog Tour: ‘The Tindims and the Ten Green Bottles,’ by Sally Gardner, illustrated by Lydia Corry.

Today I’m sharing a new instalment in the Tindims series by Costa and Carnegie-winning author, Sally Gardner. It’s worth. I thing that this whole series is printed in a special dyslexia-friendly font, making it particularly accessible.

‘The tiny Tindims are like the Borrowers-on-Sea, who turn our everyday rubbish into treasure. Mother-and-daughter duo, prizewinning Sally Gardner and Lydia Corry, create a fun new world of characters and adventures in their empowering new series for 5-8 year olds inspiring conservation and inventive ways to recycle.

In their third adventure Ethel B Dina, who looks after the fish hospital and loves to sing, needs ten green, glass bottles to complete her musical Bottleramma. But she is surrounded by too many plastic bottles which do not make music. Join the Tindims in their glass bottle hunt and meet the Tindims explorer, Tiddledum.’

This is such a fantastic early chapter book series for anyone aged five and up to enjoy. The Tindims are such a funny, quirky cast of characters. I can see why the Tindims have been compared to a host of sea-faring Borrowers. I loved reading about their thrifty, recycling ways and would like to pay a visit to Granny Gull’s houseboat with its wrapping paper wallpaper and the smell of cakes baking floating through the air.

Totally charming and full of adventure with a gentle message about conservation and recycling. This is perfect for eco-conscious young readers who want to learn more about looking after our seas. The illustrations add to the book’s appeal – make sure you take a peek at the gorgeous colour map inside the front cover!

There are now four titles in this series for budding ecologists.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Zephyr for sending me this title to review*

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