Blog tour: ‘Llama on a Mission,’ by Annabelle Sami, illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan.

Uh oh! The irrepressible Levi (aka The Loudmouth Llama) and Yasmin are back for another adventure, but this time (spoiler alert!) Yasmin has found her voice!

‘Yasmin Shah is just like any other ten-year-old girl, with a crazy loud family, the BEST best friend ever and a talking toy llama!

With the help of her loud guardian llama, Levi, Yasmin has finally found her voice, but her mission has only just begun. She is determined to use her new-found confidence to help her friends, starting with turning Levi back into his true guardian llama form and getting him back into Seen Not Herd – the secret society of guardian llamas. What better way to prove this than by helping Yasmin’s new friend Ezra tackle the biggest challenge of all – the struggles of school life!

But it won’t be easy with Levi constantly wreaking havoc and getting Yasmin into trouble…’

I am delighted to see this daring duo back again in another hilarious adventure. All the warmth, wit and family banter which made the first book so special remain, but this time Yasmin’s opinions are voiced out loud rather than silently thought in her head – much to the shock of some of her more forceful family members!

The secret agent-style theme and unusual pairing of protagonists makes for exactly the kind of chaos you would expect – llamas in lipstick, sacred llama magic, and Levi’s up to his old tricks again. Pure fun!

The comic book style illustrations, hilarious storylines and lashing of heart make this series a must-read for anyone aged 8+. To read my review of the first instalment, click HERE.

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Farshore for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour*

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