‘How to be a Footballer and Other Sports Jobs,’ by Rachel Yankey & Sol Linero.

I love this series of ‘How to be….’ titles from Nosy Crow. ‘How to be a Footballer and Other Sports Jobs’ is written by Rachel Yankey OBE (former England and Arsenal legend) comes highly recommended by Book Boy Jr.

‘Do you have what it takes to become a professional footballer, a manager or even to work in sports TV? Learn all about football and the incredible sports jobs you could do, from training to become a player or team coach to running the game as a referee, scouting young players for talent or even working inside the stadium.

This book will inspire any girl or boy who wants to kick start their interest in playing football.

Other titles in the series include: How to be an Astronaut and other Space Jobs and How to be a Vet and other Animal Jobs’

This book is a really comprehensive guide to just what it takes to be a footballer beyond the multi-million pound pay packets (if you’re lucky!) and getting to play a match once or twice a week. It explores all the hard work, dedication, and skill it takes to succeed as a top tier player, as well as looking at the vast network of other professionals needed to keep players at the top of their game.

It looks at the history of football, the rules, who’s on the porch beside the players, what players do in their spare time, and at various other football-related jobs such as journalism or physiotherapist.

A highly engaging title which anyone with a interest in sports is sure to find fascinating. Perfect for readers aged 7+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Nosy Crow for sending me this title to review*

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