‘Frank and Bert,’ by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros.

“Frank and Bert are the best of friends and they LOVE to play hide and seek. But Bert the bear isn’t quite as good at hiding as he thinks he is . . . and Frank ALWAYS wins! Every. Single. Time.

But when it’s Bert’s turn to hide, and Frank has to decide between winning again OR making his friend happy, Frank learns that friendship is always the true winner.”

This book arrived at the perfect time for me. One of the boys in the specialist provision I teach in has a constant need to be the winner. We are trying to instil the idea that other children might be upset by this, but he’s proving a tough nut to crack!

After another afternoon disrupted by disputes about who won and who didn’t, it was more than mere coincidence that ‘Frank and Bert’ was our choice for story-time.

All the children in the group could articulate how Bert might feel if he never got to win why Frank eventually decided to let him. They also articulated beautifully how it made both of these lovable characters feel when Bert finally got his moment.

As well as helping children develop a sense of fairness and empathy for others, it also builds on the skill of counting to 100. It’s always useful to an inspiring counting resource to hand!

My pupils particularly liked the cheeky sense of humour displayed in the illustrations and had great fun tracing the unravelling strands of wool across the pages with their fingers. A great read and an important message for children aged 3+

Library Girl.

*Many thanks to Nosy Crow for sending me this title to review*

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