Blog tour: ‘Tiggy Thistle and the Lost Guardians,’ by Chris Riddell.

I want to start with a disclaimer: Chris Riddell is my favourite illustrator and I’d buy any of his books just to pore over the illustrations. In fact, I preordered a copy of this from a bookshop who were lucky enough to have some of Chris’s beautiful illustrations to include them. Therefore, it is with great joy, that I have been given permission to share two of the beautiful illustrations from Tiggy Thistle with you further down in this blog post…

“Zam, Phoebe and Bathsheba, the three guardians of magic, disappeared with no warning nearly ten years ago, leaving the Kingdom of Thrynne in the icy grip of a powerful sorceress. Most people have fled in desperate search of warmer lands, escaping the snow monsters that roam the streets.

Meanwhile, nine-year-old Tiggy Thistle lives hidden and safe with a kindly Badger – until the day she meets the elf Crumple Stiltskin, one of the crafty Stiltskin brothers, she suddenly has to run from her happy home.

So begins Tiggy’s quest to find Zam, Phoebe and Bathsheba – the lost guardians and their beautiful cloud horses – the only people, she believes, who can save Thrynne from the curse of endless winter.”

This is the second and final title in The Cloud Horse Chronicles duology and stars the bold, brave, and daring, Tiggy Thistle…

Tiggy Thistle gliding to safety on the surface of a frozen river.

As with all of Riddell’s titles, this one has a whole host of wonderful, whimsical characters for readers to root for. There are enchanted scarves, flower-covered robots, and an oatcake-loving rat named Sinclair Sinclair…

Sinclair Sinclair, caretaker of the Tumbledowns Bakery No. 1

Riddell has managed to create another magical, snow-flecked tale filled with whimsy, adventure, and peril! Readers will race through the pages as they join Tiggy on her perilous quest through frozen lands whilst trying to avoid Ice Monsters and the gaze of Thalia Sleet, a vengeful sorceress.

The story is brought to life with a generous serving of Riddell’s distinctive two-colour illustrations. The detail and characterisation is exquisite and makes this book an even more special read. Definitely a title to add to the Christmas lists of anyone aged 8+


*Many thanks to Macmillan Children’s Books for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour*

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