‘Freddie Mole Lion Tamer’ by Alexander McCall Smith, illustrated by Kate Hindley

Freddie Mole was a kind boy who dreamed of being able to make money to help look after his twin brother and sister, who were always eating or growing.  His mother was away working on a cruise ship and his father worked as a washing machine repairman.

He hoped he might find a nugget of gold in the stream nearby or, perhaps, a diamond.  But one day, Freddie went to the circus on a job with his dad – the circus’s washing machine was broken.  The performers would have to perform in dirty costumes if it wasn’t fixed!

Freddie was offered a paid job by the Ringmaster as a circus assistant where clowns, trapezes and lions beckoned…….

This beautifully-illustrated book is perfect for young readers who are looking for a first independent read.  Full of humour, with a storyline which shows that it pays to be hard-working and kind.

Book Boy.

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