‘Jim Reaper Son of Grim’ by Rachel Delahaye, illustrated by Jamie Littler

Jim Wimple’s family seem fairly ordinary: annoying (and devious) little sister, health-freak Mum and an accountant Dad.  That is, until Jim becomes desperate to own one of the awesome new Bazoom! scooters.

Everyone in town just HAS to have one of the brand new mega cool Bazoom! scooters.  When Jim discovers that Fiona (the cool big sister of his best friend Will Maggot) is going to get one, he becomes even more determined to possess one himself.

Jim and Will hatch a plan to convince Jim’s dad that Jim really does need one of these scooters (Mum would never let him – far too dangerous!)  They head for Mr Wimple’s office and slip into the foyer of Mallace and Mullet Accountants.

It’s then that Jim starts to think that perhaps his father hasn’t been telling him the whole truth about what he does for a living.  Particularly when he accidently takes a phone call with someone on the other end asking him if he’ll consider ‘doing blood’…..

This brilliant new book is full of humour and characters which are bound to appeal to the younger reader.  You’ll be left wanting more!

I’m off to buy a Bazoom!

Book Boy.


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