‘The Pig Diaries’ by Emer Stamp

We were lucky enough to be invited to review these three fab books by Scholastic Children’s Books as part of a blog tour, ahead of the release of the newest in the series, ‘Seriously Extraordinary diary of a Pig.’

There are currently three books in the series, which focus on the antics of the loveable but easily-confused, Pig and his farmyard friends.

Book 1 – ‘The Unbelievable Top Secret diary of Pig’

In the first of these three laugh-out-loud books, we meet Pig and his best friends: Duck and Cow.

Pig loves living on the farm (apart from the Evil Chickens) and likes nothing better than a delicious bucket of slops and a nice stinky fart!  Farmer loves him and always gives him a good scratch behind the ear and plenty to eat.  He even calls Pig lovely names like ‘Sausage’ or ‘Roast Pig.’

One day, the Evil Chickens share their top secret project with Pig – they’re building a ‘trocket’ to fly to Pluto and want Pig to pilot it.  What could possibly go wrong…?

Book 2 – ‘The Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig’

In the second instalment of Pig’s diary, the farm has lovely new owners, ‘Mr and Mrs Sandal,’ who are (to Pig’s delight) vegetarian.  Definitely no chance of him being turned into sausages!

Pig also makes a new best friend – Kitty, the seemingly purrrfect feline.  She’s vegetarian too and takes a keen interest in the welfare of all the little birds and mice on the farm.  Duck remains unconvinced by Kitty’s motives and doesn’t trust her one bit.

Duck is concerned that Kitty’s kind offers to teach Pig how to ice-skate or get into the vegetable patch leave him thinking that there might be an evil plan behind that sweet, furry exterior.  Is he right?  Will Pig realise before it’s too late? Will the Phantom Bantams arrive in time to help stage a daring escape?

Book 3 – ‘Seriously Extraordinary diary of Pig’

The third, and newest, book in the series is being released today!

Pig’s friend, Cow, loves playing Hide and Seek but after a game goes terribly wrong, they decide to apologise to Mr and Mrs Sandal by winning them a trophy at the country show.

After winning, Cow gets kidnapped by the evil Ivanna Hertchew who whisks her away, suspended beneath a helicopter.  Pig and Duck just have to race to her rescue after Ki-Ki the turkey reveals that Cow is being taken to France!

The daring duo enlist the help of some cockney seagulls and a seal with a submarine to cross The Channel and save their friend.  But will they arrive too late?

Pig’s knowledge of ‘farmer talk’ is not very good so the grammar in his diaries is sometime incorrect.  For example, saying ‘I is’ rather than ‘I am.’  This makes for an interesting discussion and teaching point with children.

This series is guaranteed to get laughs-a-plenty from young readers.  I’ve tested the books on real children and they’ve been begging me for more! Full of loveable characters and lots of toilet humour, these stories also teach valuable lessons about friendship and teamwork.

If you’d like more of Pig and his diaries, visit his website www.diaryofpig.com

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