World Book Day 2016 KS1 Special!

Hello there readers!  Did you know that on Thursday 3rd March 2016 it was World Book Day?  Some of you might have been given a voucher by your school which will let you get an awesome book, totally free!!!

We’ve been busy collecting and reading those books to share with you now.  Which one will you choose?

Pre-School and Key Stage One Choices


There are some great books for younger readers, including picture books and chapter books.

IMG_9154Supertato is not your average spud; he’s a superhero!  In this action-packed adventure, all the books in the supermarket have mysteriously disappeared but the veggies need their bedtime story.  Supertato to the rescue!  Can he track down the book thief before the bananas go berserk?  Full of gags and clever wordplay.

Also in this series:  ‘Supertato’ and ‘Supertato – Veggies Assemble.’


You could also pick up a new instalment in Mick Inkpen’s series of picture book classics – Kipper.  In this story, Kipper has an unexpected visitor join him at bath time.  And all it can do is…….honk!

Other titles include: ‘Kipper’s Birthday, ‘Kipper’s New Pet,’ and ‘Kipper’s Beach Ball.’

IMG_9155This is a perfect first chapter book, cleverly told by two different narrators – Daisy Butters and Jack Beechwhistle.  Neither of them likes each other much.  Daisy thinks that Jack’s immature and silly; Jack thinks she’s soft in the head!  Both of them get up to various mischievous pranks and are convinced they’re too different to be friends.  But when it comes down to it, they’re actually quite alike.  Written in a clear font with plenty of illustrations, you can’t go wrong with this book.

Also in the Daisy series: ‘Daisy and the Trouble with Zoos,’ ‘Daisy and the Trouble with Burglars,’ and many more.


One of many hilarious incidents which occurred in the young Roald Dahl’s life.  ‘The Great Mouse Plot’ is actually taken from Roald Dahl’s autobiography ‘Boy’ and will surely tickle the funny bone of any child.  Dahl and his friends decide to play a rather nasty trick on the horrible owner of their local sweet shop.  With unfortunate consequences.

Other short stories by Roald Dahl: ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and ‘Fantastic Mr Fox.’


Whichever of these fantastic books you choose, we hope you enjoy it.  Just remember to enter the competitions on your World Book Day ticket stub.  You could win a trip to Legoland, signed books, goody bags and more!

Use the following link to enter your ticket number:

Good luck!

Library Girl and Book Boy.



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