World Book Day 2016 KS2 Special

Hello there readers!  Did you know that on Thursday 3rd March 2016 it was World Book Day?  Some of you might have been given a voucher by your school which will let you get an awesome book, totally free!!!

We’ve been busy collecting and reading those books to share with you now.  Which one will you choose?

KS2 Choices







There’s something for everyone in this fab selection of books by some of the top children’s authors and illustrators.  Which one will your book token be spent on?

IMG_9159Our first book is from the ever-popular ‘The World of Norm’ series.  The ever-grumpy Norm is your average, twelve-year-old boy who just wants to go biking with his best friend to escape his annoying family.  His plans for freedom are scuppered when he has to wait in for a stupid parcel. Along with his two irritating little brothers and the world’s most annoying next door neighbour.  Written in a clear font with plenty of illustrations, perfect for fans of the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series.

See also: ‘The World of Norm – May Contain Nuts.’


If you could do anything you liked, what would you do?  This is the dilemma facing Alfie when his babysitter, Mrs Stokes, tells Alfie to do whatever he likes.  Alfie is a boy with routines, lots of routines, all devised by his dad.  But Alfie likes it that way despite being teased by his classmates for being, ‘Boring, boring Alfie!’  He starts to embrace the madness and some crazy adventures ensue.  Will he learn a valuable life-lesson?  Absolutely not!

Other titles by David Baddiel: ‘The Parent Agency,’ and ‘The Person Controller.’


In a galaxy far, far away the Graf family are scouting a remote and unmapped swamp-world.  When Milo and Lina’s parents are abducted by agents of the evil Empire, the embark on a potentially deadly journey across the galaxy to rescue them.  Full of gadgets and droids, Star Wars fans will love this tale.

There are two more books in the series: ‘The Snare’ and ‘The Nest.’



Harper is a girl with a rare magical power – the power to hear music on the wind and rhythms on the rain.  She has the power to play any musical instrument she touches.  One breezy day, Harper hops into her magical scarlet umbrella and receives an letter calling for help – an orchestra has had all their instruments stolen, meaning that ‘The Songs of the Sea’ festival will be unable to go ahead!  She enlists the help of her friends who’ll have to muster all their courage to walk along smuggler’s tunnels, passing under the sea to find the stolen instruments.

If you like this book, you’re in good company; Harper Beckham is also a big fan of these as bedtime stories.  Try ‘Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella’ or ‘Harper and the Circus of Dreams.’

Whichever of these brilliant books you choose, we hope you enjoy it.  Just remember to enter the competitions on your World Book Day ticket stub.  You could win a trip to Legoland, signed books, goody bags and more!

Use the following link to enter your ticket number:

Good luck!

Library Girl and Book Boy.



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