‘Squishy McFluff – The Invisible Cat!’ by Pip Jones, illustrated by Ella Okstad

When Ava’s new imaginary friend, the cuddly and mischievous Squishy McFluff,  arrives to play one day, Ava’s days become packed with fun and adventures.  The pair get up to all kinds giggles and games, but Mum’s not impressed.  Will Squishy learn to behave before he’s forced to eat only invisible dog food!


This book is written in a catchy, rhyming style sure to appeal to young readers.  The beautiful illustrations  add greatly to the telling of the story.  A perfect first read alone book for emerging independent readers.



Also available in the series are: ‘Squishy McFluff – Supermarket Sweep,’ ‘Squishy McFluff Meets Mad Nana Dot,’ and the brand new, not released until June, ‘Squishy McFluff – Seaside Rescue.’

For more Squishy McFluff fun, visit his official website at:


Library Girl.



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